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Performance times

Saturday 5th May: 12:50 and 14:50

Sunday 6th May, I will be performing in the concert 15:00-16:30.













Performance still Performance Auction 1

Still from ‘So the teardrops of my weeping’ at Performance Auction, October 2017.

Credit: Elise Guillaume


Performance still Performance Auction 3

Still from ‘Slipping Fingers’ at Performance Auction, October 2017.

Credit: Elise Guillaume


Installation photograph from S I N K  at Safehouse 1, Peckham (2017).

From left:


Orange (Crack)

Glazed stoneware, clay, MDF


Giant Hogweed II

Ink on paper


Wedged (bend)

Glazed earthenware


Blue Granite

Glazed Stoneware



s i n k event photo

A pruny finger slips against wet tile. Greedy fingers digging into nostrils. Object dropping into mud (spoon, stone, body). Plop!
Lily German and Hannah Wilson seek to place hand built clay forms and paintings in compromising positions. Negotiating with narratives surrounding heaviness and the stuck. To sink is to submerge, to drop downwards. S I N K will encourage a conversation between the figurative works and abstract clay forms, focusing on the physicality of the material.
Alongside the exhibition there will be free workshops run in the space. We would like to encourage a friendly space for conversation. Please see event for details and booking for the workshops.
Supported by Colfe’s School.
Support in Kind from Maverick Projects.
Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Rd, London SE15 3SN
Private View:
Thursday 13 July 6 – 9pm
Open to the public:
Friday 14 – Saturday 15 July 10 – 6pm
Sunday 16 July 10 – 2pm