Press Release


Private View: Thursday 7th February

Open to public: 8th – 24th February 2019

Friday – Saturday: 12 – 6pm | Sunday: 12 – 4pm | Wednesday and Thursday by appointment only.

Platform Southwark. 1 Joan St, South Bank, London SE1 8BS.

Matter(ing) is an exhibition that brings together recent works of Lily German, Sebastian Sochan and Abigail Brothers. Through sculpture and performance these three artists investigate ideas of materiality and the outcome of enabling materials to drive the creation of work.

Wet clay flops, cotton fibres fray, plaster cracks, foam inflates, sugar crystallizes. The artists suspend how we commonly use materials and listen to the material, thinking with, through and in them. Expectations are broken apart, revealing unforeseen material possibilities.

Each artist’s response to materiality is different. Abigail Brothers digs into the power of how materials have the ability to embody themselves, or something from a distant memory. Lily German activates clay forms through vocal performance, examining the vulnerability and physicality of voice and wet clay. Sebastian Sochan’s instinctual sculptural works explores the emotive and humble quality of materials, testing their borders between fragility and robustness.

A series of workshops and events surrounding materiality will run alongside the exhibition.

Visit Platform Southwark’s Facebook and Platform Southwark’s Instagram page for further information.

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